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Do you want to buy Samsung Au9000 Tv and looking for a honest review? Here in this article we are going to provide you all the necessary details from which you can decide, Is Samsung Au9000 the best smart TV for your home? Or not.



Samsung’s television designs are always sophisticated, even for a mid-range TV. The AU9000 is an elegant and good looker; it is also notably thin when viewed from the side.


On the front, Samsung’s AU9000 TV looks clean and minimalistic. There is a slim bezel on the top and sides of the TV, and although there is not an unnoticeable bezel at the bottom and it may feel more weighty to hold, these are things you notice when you first install the TV screen. The plastics feel nice on the back panel of the TV, but as is usual for Samsung TVs – you can tell that the TV will have quality construction.


Three HDMI inputs are present, one of which is compatible with the new eARC protocol, and all three of which meet the requirements of the HDMI 2.1 specification. Physical connectivity includes Ethernet and USB, as well as a CI slot for a TV tuner and antenna for receiving free-to-air services. Wireless connectivity is available in the form of dual-band wifi and Bluetooth.


Smart interface

Samsung has produced possibly the best smart TV interface that remains unmatched by any competitor. The AU9000’s Tizen interface is clean, logical, and easy to use.


The interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it one of the best streaming devices on the market. You can use all apps such as Netflix and Amazon on this TV.


Voice command is another popular option, although it does not support Siri, yet Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Bixby voice assistance are available.



Picture performance


Samsung AU9000 TV has the best picture performance, it can show content up to 4K with HDR10+.


Samsung performs better than predicted. With the edge-lit backlighting and 350 nits of brightness, it has good contrast and visuals.


Black tones are deep, and often subtle gradations of black shades are present. Black levels resist blooming or haloing.


The white tones don’t pop on the screen, but they are clean, and their quality is convincing. The contrast isn’t remarkable, but it’s satisfactory.


The Samsung AU9000 TV provides a smooth edge on the screen and is able to keep images from shimmering or doubling, even when the on-screen motion is testing. Though on this television set, there won’t be a glittery smoothness as one might find on some of Samsung’s more expensive televisions.


The Samsung TV has a 4K-caliber Crystal Processor, so it upscales anything lower quality with the same quality that some other 4K TV might have. You can watch the BBC Sewing Bee, and see details on screen. However, you might experience slower motion when there are finer details in these less high-quality images.


As for gaming, the news is good to some extent. The TV can handle the latency and other aspects of what a next-generation console needs, even as low as 10ms. You also have an option to mimic a 4K/120Hz refresh rate and accommodate aspects in games that use it.


Sound Quality


Mainstream TVs always don’t do justice to their prices with shaky sounds, but the Samsung AU9000 doesn’t disappoint.


The lower portion of the display has two drivers, with each having 20 watts of power. Samsung uses an algorithm that can successfully amplify height from the audio quality. The TV does a decent job of creating a 3d sound effect. With the addition of an appropriate soundbar, you can get a ‘Q Symphony’ arrangement.




If you want to make the most of your budget, the AU9000 is the best smart TV for your home. This TV price is often reduced by at least 10 percent on the Samsung website and other retailer websites – so it’s fantastic value for money.


If you’re going to put this TV on the wall, we’d recommend it because it’s surprisingly slim. However, you’ll be sacrificing some gaming capabilities for its three HDMI ports and lightning-quick input lag.