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Fiat Scooters were the last thing in my mind till last month but when the petrol prices were increased again, I took a look at our travelling expenses. To my shock, I discovered that 15% of our income was spent on driving to and from office.

‘What if we buy an e-scooter and ride to office?’ I asked Gina.

‘Is that safe?’ Gina answered doubtfully.

‘Well there are hundreds of people riding to office everyday and now there are separate tracks for e-scooters’ I said.

‘I kind of like it’ Gina said ‘It will be like an exercise and can help me remain slim’

Once we decided that e-scooters were the way forward, we looked up some models on Storeus because the products there are quite good. In fact, if you buy something from Storeus and need support, you can call them directly on 04 5851770. I like to speak to customer service directly when I have a need and not a toll free number that no body picks up.

‘Ok, great, what model are you going to buy?’ Gina asked with a grin on her face.

‘Take a look at Fiat Scooters here’, I said ‘many of my friends who are already riding to office say its really good.


Gina agreed with me and said ‘Yes, it looks good but what about the Harley Fitness E-scooter? I hear it has a lot of range.”

I knew that having a range is always and advantage as you don’t have to charge all the time.

When you are in the city, you don’t want to ride around looking for charging points.

‘Yes, it’s a good option.” I agreed.


We also looked at other e-scooters like the Harley Triple Fold E-scooter, which can be folded and put below your bed.

‘Why put it below your bed? Why not the sofa?’ Gina asked and we both laughed.


‘Here’s the Inder e-scooter that’s only AED 999′, Gina said.

‘It looks good’ I agreed, ‘and with Tabby, we only need to pay AED 250 per month!’ I said.


It was exciting to look at all the e-scooters on storeus and finally we bought one of these lovely scooters. To our biggest surprise, we discovered that after 1 month of riding to office, we had reduced our travelling expense by 50%.

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