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Why end up not doing it at all when you can at least do it gradually? No matter how hard and big your goals are for 2023, you will be able to achieve it as long as you’re not going too hard on yourself and with your own well. You may stop one or two days for a break but you are strong enough to continue and not give up.


Your New year resolution may be on a personal level, professional level or health level. No matter what it was, this year is a new opportunity and a new chance for you to grow. Some people don’t believe in setting a resolution for themselves or they don’t take it seriously but it’s actually a good way to challenge yourself, get out of your comfort zone and start doing what you have been delaying for not only days or months but probably weeks. Resolutions are not restricted for a specific age, you can also engage your kids in it. For example let them set their new year resolution for school. This will help and grow the sense of decision making and responsibility for them.


Here are some of the most common resolutions of all times:


Be more healthy

In order to achieve such a goal, start with fixing your eating and drinking habits. For example, start with adding more vegetables and less carbs to your food. Also increase the amount of water you drink in a day with at least 1 litre. Be more active, take an hour walk or half hour jogging or you can challenge yourself to complete a number of steps everyday for example 6000 steps a day then start increasing the number gradually. 


Save up more this year

This can be actually a hard thing to do for most people, especially if you are used to a certain lifestyle and amount of spending. Here are some things that will make a huge difference in your spending and savings: 

  • Dine out less: Start to prepare your meals at home as it’s not only healthier but cheaper too. That doesn’t mean you have to prevent yourself from eating out as you don’t have to go that far and suffer after all but instead of eating out 2 days a week make it once a week.
  • Less take outs and food delivery:  As take out and ordering food can be much cheaper than eating in the restaurant but it also affects your savings. So order once or twice a month instead of placing an order every week.
  • Avoid trends and new arrivals: In fact most of the trends are known to be temporary and you can get bored of really quick especially if it’s fashion. But let’s say you liked it too much and you wanna buy it, wait for a few weeks then buy it as you will mostly find it in discount and much cheaper prices or probably everywhere.
  • Achieve more at school & work: Start with organising your daily tasks, write it down on your notebook as a checklist. This will help you to achieve and challenge yourself more to finish all you have in your list and faster. Make sure not to overwork yourself cause it will lead you eventually to collapse and not achieve your new year resolution in the end.


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