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Are you tired of spending too much? Do you want to save more money as you shop? Say no more, we got you covered. 

Searching online for the best deals and prices might be so hard for some of us. You can spend hours upon hours only to come empty handed at the end. However, if you are a smart shopper or  you would just love to get more money saved without a lot of effort, then continue reading. 

I love to get more money saved while shopping online and one thing that I really appreciate is counting my rewards points when I checkout and ready to pay. 

So let’s talk about the reward points. How does it work? How to use them? What do I benefit from them? And the most important question is will it save me more money? 

The reward points are a very easy and simple way for appreciating our customers and supporting them. However, it is also a way for the customers to save money as they enjoy online shopping. You will really benefit from the reward points, because the more you shop the more points you earn. And, of course the more points you have the more money you will be saving. 

Now let me explain to you in a more detailed way  how to use the loyalty program and take advantage of your reward points. 

How to enroll to the loyalty program?

You Most definitely don’t need to take from your time to fill a form or do any extra step. All you need to do is start shopping. Yes it’s that easy, you buy you get points. 

As we already mentioned, the loyalty program is meant to be easy, simple, and quick. For that to happen, we made it our sole intention to be an easy process for you to enjoy. 

You will create an account on Storeus and login with your username and password and there you go. Ready. Go shopping and start gaining points. 

How are my points calculated? 

I know this will be the first question that comes to your head. Let me tell you that it is very straightforward.  

1 dirham = 1 point. Which means that if you spend 1000 dirhams you get 1000 points. 

How can I check my rewards at any time? 

Yes, you most definitely can. All you got to do is open the application and click on “rewards points” and you will see the points you have currently. If you are using the website, you just need to go to your profile and click the tab “Reward Points”.

How can I redeem my points? 

Your points will be stored in your account. Whenever you login using your username and password, you will be able to see your rewards points. 

You can have the option to use the points all at once or you can choose to use some of them and the rest later. This is up to you and is available on checkout, just before you complete your order.

NOTE: You can find the detailed Terms & Conditions of the Loyalty Program here >>

With all that said, it is your turn. 

We hope this program can be as enjoyable for you as it is for us. And we hope you have fun shopping. Go to and browse our tens of thousands of products or download our mobile app (iOS or Android) and enjoy even more.