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When it comes to watches you must had those questions floating around your head: what watch should I buy? Which is the best online shopping app for watches? Can I find the watch I want at a better price than everywhere else? I will make sure to answer all your questions in this article.

Let’s start with a brief about How did watches start? And watch history. It started in 15th-century Europe when people used pocket watches to keep track of their shifts at work. In the 16th century ladies started wearing hand watches back then it was described as a “bracelet watch”a thin wrist watch for ladies. At the end of the 19th century Wristwatches were first worn for men by military soldiers afterwards watch inventors started developing watches to mechanical and automatic watches and till this day watch makers are still adding more creativity for the wrist watch from creative internal designs for hands and crowns and to leathery and metallic belts.

What are the reasons behind people wearing watches? 

A fashion statement:There are so many different brands and designs in the market, nowadays your watch choice plays a good role to make you stand out and shine bright. Watches can also be a way of your prestige or social status. 

Watch efficiency & convenience: Why is the watch important ? This benefit plays a very important role in forgetful people’s life. What if you have an important meeting and you forgot your phone at home! How will you know how much time you have left for your meeting? Vola just turns your wrist, your hand watch is there to save your life and to know the time in order to get to the meeting before time.

A good investment: A timepiece can be a great way to increase your savings and a good investment that can save you in times of need. For example an iconic or a rare limited edition timepiece usually increases Its value over time and eventually to earn profits in the future.

A way to express punctuality: A watch is a symbol of time and wearing a watch implies that you respect the importance of time. So wearing a watch not only will remind you to value time but will also show people around you how committed you are.

Why do people love to collect watches? A watch collection can tell a person’s story. For some collectors, What makes a watch increase value is more like memories and holding onto gifts than the watch itself. For example: their first luxury timepieces were gifted to him on a special occasion, a birthday, achievement or congratulation gift. The first watch could be the start of your collection and to improve your interest in collecting watches as each watch after may tell the story of an important moment in your life. Your collection will therefore build throughout your life, telling your story through the different models.

A conversation opener: If you meet a person and you want to start a conversation then notice that the person is wearing a watch start by saying” i like your watch” or by asking about the model as it’s better to have some details on watches before asking in order not to get lost and to avoid embarrassment. 

Suits all occasions: With the variety of styles and designs nowadays it’s no longer hard to match your outfit with your watch to suit your occasions as hand watches are the time pieces that can be worn in formal and informal occasions. Whether you have a meeting to attend or a party to go to. 

With the spreading and releasing of smartwatches people started to take a different direction in watches fashion. As it’s a win-win way to track your health and time at the same time. Some people, such as athletes, prefer to use a smartwatch to calculate their workout timings and health measurements instead of calculating time manually or in your head. Other part sees that the luxury and value of the watch remains in classic watches and the type we’re used on as this type seems to suit a wider type of occasions than the sporty smart ones.

How do I keep my watch looking new?

  1. Keep your watch wound.

Even with the invention of modern watch lubricants which are long lasting, they do dry or conceal with time. Winding keeps the watch working, and spreads the lubricants. This doesn’t have to be done daily and for every watch; Once monthly would do the job for you.

  1. Be careful with the place you wound your watch in.

Don’t wind your watch while it’s on your wrist. Also, don’t wind it while walking in the street or on a hard surface. As a lot of people lost their watches for choosing the wrong place to do it. Save your watch and don’t put it at risk.

  1. Keep it clean but never use soap

A dirty watch doesn’t look good, and sometimes this can affect the inside. You can just use a microfiber polishing cloth on the watch. A little water won’t hurt, assuming your crown is fully secure and you avoid getting the leather strap wet. But never use soap and water. The soap can work their way into really small spaces and damage your watch.

  1. Don’t try your luck & push your watch to test.

Some curious owners like to try the features of the watch such as bullet proof and water resistance. I honestly don’t understand how someone can do this to his luxury loved watch.

You must be wondering what is the best online shopping app for watches? I would personally recommend which watch should i buy? If you’re into sporty and smartwatches here are some suggestions for you and in discounted prices too: Kospet Smart Watches For Men Tank M1 Pro Black if you prefer a small and slim watch Honor Band 6 SmartWatch Multiple Languages 1.47″ AMOLED Display 14 Days Battery Blood Oxygen Black is a good option for you. If you are someone who prefers Apple in all his devices Apple Watch Series 7 GPS, Green Aluminum Case with Clover Sport Band – Regular  is the perfect option for you. Also if you don’t like the leathery or the silicon belts and you’re more into metallic watches Magnetic Lock Watch Band For Fitbit Ionic 28261 is the best affordable option.

I haven’t forgotten about you guys of course “Classic hand watches addicts”. If you are looking for a safe and affordable option and a good everyday watches: Storeus got the best for you G-Shock Gg-1000-1A5Dr Master Of G Mudmaster Brown Resin Men’s Watch this practical design will suit your everyday use. If you prefer something more big and more fancy for a formal occasion and the best watch for all occasions DIESEL Men’s Leather Chronograph Wrist Watch DZ7314 the chiq design of this watch will make sure to reflect the image that you exactly want. If you prefer small size and elegancy at the same time Tommy Hilfiger 1791473 Black Silicone Strap Silver Tone Unisex Wrist Watch is your watch for today.

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