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We shouldn’t underestimate the importance of having our very own comfortable space. Coming back home after a long day at work to find the perfect atmosphere, and having a relaxing time and a good sleep.

This means you need to take care of the common area in your house to keep it clean and tidy, with some simple decors, nothing much, maybe a scented candle or some nice lighting.

Another idea is to add a bean bag to enjoy a comfy social media time after work.

Going from there to your bedtime, Enjoying a calm room and a comfortable bed is the essentials to sleep well, just imagine having soft beddings and a comfortable mattress, you will surely enjoy a good night’s sleep, and you would be ready to face the world all again the next day.

If you did some research on the subject you would know you don’t need to be earning a lot of money or receiving a huge check to enjoy your house, the cost for these improvements can be really low and you can go higher as you please to save you the trouble I brought you the numbers: 

Idea # 1: Decorations

For simple decorations like scented candles, it is an average of 25 AED.

For the candles, you can check here >

Idea #2: Comfortable Seating

For the bean bag, it starts from 130 to 750 and you can choose the one that matches your budget.

For the Bean bags, you can check here >

Idea #3: The Beautiful Bed

For beddings, they are between 50 to 110 AED.

For the bedding which we have on sale right now, you can check through here >

Idea #4: The Mattress to Dream On

And if you felt like changing the mattress, well, it is somewhere between 200 and 2,000 AED.

For the on sale mattress, you can check here >

Idea #5: Organize Your Home

For organizing, you can start with the remote control holder to the shoe rack to the drawers’ dividers, and for cleaning with the right types of equipment, cleaning would be so much easier and faster, and in this case, spending more money on the cleaning equipment means spending less time on the cleaning process, and the end having more time to enjoy your nice and tidy space.

And for the organizing item check here >

Idea #6: Make It Clean

We would also recommend taking care of the cleanliness of the house and organizing your space which will allow you to have your stuff in place with the least amount of effort.

For the cleaning supplies >>

So you can start the process of transforming your home into a cozier place with as less as 25 AED and you can add things according to your budget. For more inspiration for your house decorations you can check some of our products>>