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If you are living in UAE and going to spend the holiday this year here, then this article is for you!

Traveling and spending the holidays with the family plan might be hard to achieve this year due to Corona Covid- 19, but you can spend a unique and different holiday in UAE this year, besides you can also involve all your friends, colleagues and family members who are living there to the celebration, and we can help you here to set your gift list, what to buy and where!

A Fragrance That Will Last Forever On Their Memories

Perfumes by Storeus

Gifting someone a perfume means that you are special to me in another language. Fortunately, the UAE perfume market is well known for its reasonable prices and great offers.

Let Them Put The Music On

It’s a great idea to gift someone a headphone or a speaker, just imagine that every time he or she will put the headphone on and listen to the music in the gym or in the free time he/she will remember you!

It’s Play Video Games Together

Sony showed the perfect games to hype the PlayStation 5 | VentureBeat

A gift that will blow their minds! How great to gift your son or best friend the latest new arrival version from PlayStation PS5 and to spend some time playing video games together this holiday!  

Considering a New T.V.

Maybe a better resolution or a bigger screen T.V is the best way to express love to the whole family, they will all appreciate it and you can enjoy watching festive movies during this season, they will only have to prepare the popcorn the rest is set with a new T.V.

A new Mobile Phone

It doesn’t mean that you should have a high gift budget to buy a mobile phone! There is a lot of affordable options on You can go as low as AED100, yet you can also find the latest and best mobile phone options if you have a higher budget.

Sunglasses in Christmas

I know this might sound weird, but in UAE it’s mostly sunny in the winter, and that’s what will make the sunglasses a special gift for the holiday season in UAE!

In the end, whoever will receive a gift from the above mention list will be lucky to have you in his or her life! However, with too many options for each gift category, you will be confused but never out of options! So are you excited about the holiday already?